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antiviral antibacterial and antifungal Surface treatment NANOCOAT®

Nanocoat® is the registered trademark of an antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal surface treatment for anodized and lacquered door and window handles. The treatment process and its product are patented and unique in their kind, because it works on three levels simultaneously: antiviral, bacterial and fungal.


The number of people infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria is increasing every year, and the number of deaths resulting from these infections is also increasing. In Europe, it is estimated that 25,000 people die each year from complications related to this type of infection. Infections can spread in many ways, but the quickest way to spread is through contact with an infected person or a contaminated surface. This is where Nanocoat® comes in. As part of a joint project by STA, Sobinco and the biogenetic laboratories of the University of Coimbra, we have developed a surface treatment that prevents the spread of bacteria, fungi and viruses through infected surfaces objects in high traffic areas, such as door and window handles in public spaces.


The aluminum surface is treated with a silica-based nanoparticle coating with a bioactive agent that upon direct contact with a bacteria, virus or fungus, perforates the cell membrane and quickly kills it. Nanocoat® was tested with the virus H1N1 an it was very effective, killing the virus in 4 seconds.



Hospitals, public buildings, schools, apartment buildings projects, geriatric institutions, elderly homes, etc.


Parts anodized with Nanocoat® were tested in an independent laboratory in Germany (Hohenstein Institute) and obtained the highest score in terms of antiviral activity. Wear tests to simulate hand friction were carried out by an external laboratory in Coimbra and the antiviral and antibacterial efficacity of the surface was maintained.


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Does Nanocoat® kill Covid-19 virus?
Test are being done on the Corona virus as we speak. We have a certificate of Nanocoat® on the viral activity against bacteriophage MS2, which is a well-known non-enveloped viral model, one of the more resistant virus. SARS-Cov-19 is an enveloped virus that can be very easily neutralized with chemical (disinfectants) and physical (Nanocoat®) and therefore almost everything that kills non-enveloped virus will eliminate the enveloped ones. Hence we belief we will past the test on Corona -19.

How fast does Nanocoat® work?
Nanocoat® kills the bacteria and virus within 4 sec! Silver coated applications takes a couple of hours before the bacteria is killed. To translate this into something practical: if an infected person passes a door and leaves traces of infection on the handle, with Nanocoat® the next one who passes is not infected. With silver coated applications tens of people will pick up bacteria AND viruses before the bacteria is dead. Viruses and fungi will continue to flourish.

How unique is Nanocoat®?
We are the only supplier of Nanocoated handles for doors and windows worldwide. It is a breakthrough technology in anti-bacterial and anti-viral treatment of surfaces. In an article from Coimbra university published by the American Chemistry Society you can read: ”Very few studies have reported materials or surfaces with antiviral properties”.

Can Nanocoat® be used on other surfaces?
Nanocoat® can be used on other surfaces. This means to be precise; Nanocoat® is a registered trademark. So best to contact us.

Are nanoparticles harmful for your health?
Nanocoat® is based on Silica. Silica nanoparticles are commonly used also in the food industry. It is a very broad accepted raw material. We have certificates that these are “safe” to use. On top they are embedded in the carrier (paint or anodized) hence why they do not leach so don´t lose their effectiveness. On top we apply only 30mg of Nanoparticles on a handle. Compare this to 20g of nanoparticles in your daily sun lotion and you will understand it is ridiculously low.

Is Nanocoat® harmful for the skin?
Numerous recent studies have proven that Nanoparticles are neither able to easily penetrate intact skin nor through superficial injuries within the skin. Low level mechanical stresses applied to the skin are buffered by a layer called the stratum corneum. Secretion of ichor and other blood components protect deeper abraded skin sites from harmful impacts. Is this question relevant in the context of Nanocoat®? The answer is NO!
First and foremost, NPs of Nanocoat® are well embedded in their surfactant. Cycle tests have proven that Nanocoat® do not leach from the handles and continue being effective for 100% after our cycle tests. Nevertheless, we have carried out skin tests with the Belgian test lab Belga StratiCELL in 2015 according the guidelines available under OECD 439. These have clearly shown that Nanocoat® does not cause any irritations on the skin.

Is it true that very small nanoparticles can penetrate the skin?
Studies from 2015 on NanoParticles (NPs) on skin absorption talk about NPs ⩽ 4 nm can penetrate and permeate intact skin, NPs size between 4-20 nm can potentially permeate intact and damaged skin, NPs size between 21-45 nm can penetrate and permeate only damaged skin, NPs size > 45 nm cannot penetrate nor permeate the skin. Nanocoat® NPs are 80nm.

Are the current silver coated handles a better or worse alternative to Nanocoat®?
They are worse! First and foremost, argument: Silver coated handles do NOT kill virus, only bacteria! Nanocoat® kills bacteria, fungi AND Virus. Secondly, silver coated handles, leach silver ions! Leaching means they lose their effectiveness. Less and less active ingredients remain on the surface of the handle after use. Leaching leads to deposition of silver metal/silver sulphide particles in the skin (argyria), eye (argyrosis) and other organs. These are not life-threatening conditions but cosmetically undesirable. Even if silver exhibits low toxicity in the human body there could potentially be a chronic ingestion or inhalation by health workers. The concentration of silver ions due to leaching was measured in a study and many times higher than the allowed m3 concentration by the EU for hazardous material. Finally, it has been proven by the Coimbra University that the release of silver ions induces bacterial resistance when released in certain concentrations.

About Sofi®

Sofi® is the brand of  STA -Sociedade Transformadora de Alumínios SA, a metallurgical company, with over 30 years in the market, based in the municipality of Maia in Portugal.    We are specialists in the development and production of door and window systems, in particular for aluminum frames. Our surface treatments include anodizing, liquid painting and lacquering, in which we have the option of including Nanocoat®.

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